Even better performance for boring, milling and thread cutting

Tools for thread cutting, hard chip removal, aluminium machining or trochoidal milling – with a comprehensive additional programme of threading tools, solid carbide milling cutters and solid carbide twist drills, the tool manufacturer Nachreiner from Balingen-Weilstetten is expanding its tool portfolio and optimally adapting it to meet market needs.

Ultra-high component quality, process security as well as new chip removal strategies, higher material hardnesses as well as the increased usage of high-alloyed steels and other high-tech materials demand absolutely everything of the chip removal tools that are used. According to Markus Hallas, CEO of Nachreiner GmbH: „For success in modern metal cutting, it is essential to have a functioning total cutting system consisting of machine and software, a KSS strategy, machining procedures as well as tools. The cutting tool plays a key role here at the interface with the tool. Many design-related details such as hard metal, geometry and coating determine the quality and cost-effectiveness here. It is therefore important to optimally adapt the tools to the material to be machined and the special application. We have once again implemented this in our comprehensive additional programme.“

Precise thread cutting

Nachreiner is expanding its product range in this cutting discipline with numerous new thread-cutting tools. These include the solid carbide thread milling cutters, solid carbide internal thread whirling cutters, PM Superstar thread taps as well as machine thread taps and various dies in different designs.
The powerful thread taps and thread milling cutters have been designed for different materials up to progressive high-tech materials. Such materials are being used more and more frequently in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry as well as machine construction. High precision and quiet running guarantee excellent results in terms of cost effectiveness, e.g. in the cutting of threads in throughholes and blindholes.

A recipe for success with regard to precision and performance can be found in the special Nachreiner cutting geometry. This prevents buildup welding, for example, during the chip removal process. Depending on the application, smooth special coatings allow the chips to flow off more quickly and reduce the wear and tear. Increased cutting edge strength and heat resistance make high cutting speeds possible. This reduces the machining times. In addition, the tools last longer.

According to Markus Hallas, „In thread cutting, precision is an absolute must. The user cannot afford faulty results or time-consuming and expensive reworking. For this reason, the user relies on powerful precision tools in this production process, which often determines the total quality of the component being manufactured. This is exactly what Nachreiner can offer.“

Milling cutters and drills with even better performance

In addition to thread cutting tools, Nachreiner is also expanding its solid carbide twist drill range for applications in areas such as aluminium, INOX, INCONEL and titanium. In addition, there are sharp-edged solid carbide milling cutters for special applications. All new tools are available in different sizes and dimensions, with or without internal cooling.

Nachreiner uses special hard metals in tool production. These ensure a long service life for the drills from the word go. Ultra-modern grinding technology guarantees extremely accurate grinding with excellent surface qualities and narrow tolerances. This results in very good concentricity of the drills when machining different materials. The solid carbide twist drills are given a clear performance boost by application- and material-adapted geometries and chip spaces. These ensure high cutting results and very good chip removal depending on the application.

Markus Hallas: „Our production is always subject to strict quality control. All production and work processes are constantly being checked and optimised. This also applies for our new milling cutters, which complement our product range optimally.“ Nachreiner accordingly expanded its aluminium range and provides new versions with corner radius, internal cooling as well as milling cutter types for soft aluminium wrought alloys.

Markus Hallas: „There is considerable optimisation potential in reducing the machining forces on the cutting edges and improving the chip control. Thanks to the special corner radius as well as smooth chip flutes, this can be done particularly easily with our new aluminium milling cutters. Caking of the aluminium chips is largely prevented.“

There are further innovations in the form of short HPC disposable milling cutters for lathes, which feature particularly high stability during the turning process, as well as Superstar submersible milling cutters that can be used up to 40° in the ramp procedure. For hard machining up to 68 HRC, e.g. in mould construction, Nachreiner also presents new HRC/HPC shaft milling cutters. Highlights in the new additional programme are „Superstar“ milling cutters in the form of trochoidal tools with 5 teeth for softer materials and 6 teeth for harder materials (3xD, 4xD and 5xD). Thanks to special profile grinding discs, Nachreiner can produce a special geometry with which the new trochoidal milling cutters can master the major strains and requirements of the highly effective procedure. Chip breakers ensure short chips, which can be removed from the contact zone extremely quickly. Application-focussed coatings guarantee resistance to wear and tear and long service lives. Particularly in removing chips from difficult materials, Nachreiner trochoidal tools achieve clear leaps in productivity.

Markus Hallas: „Nachreiner tools are designed in such a way that they can meet the requirements of ultra-modern industrial production. They transform the accuracy and high performance of CNC machines optimally into chips. Thanks to our large storage capacities, we can deliver as quickly as possible. This gives our customers plannable security for their production.“

Tools for thread cutting, hard chip removal, aluminium machining or trochoidal milling – with a comprehensive additional programme of threading tools, solid carbide milling cutters and solid carbide twist drills, the tool manufacturer Nachreiner from Balingen-Weilstetten is expanding its tool portfolio. The additional programme catalogue provides a precise overview.

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