For our future-oriented research we receive the BSFZ seal

In today’s dynamic economy, innovative action is vital for companies to remain competitive and successful. The German economy is driven by small and medium-sized companies. Supporting these companies in developing and implementing innovative business ideas is an important issue for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We are therefore very pleased about the funding of our research by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the associated award of the seal of BSFZ.

Investments in development are not just a cost factor for us, but a forward-looking step. They enable us to remain competitive, fulfill our customers’ expectations, optimize processes and adapt to change. The award of the BSFZ seal is a confirmation of our efforts to find innovative solutions and to drive research forward. The BSFZ seal offers companies the opportunity to present their innovation competence to the outside world. The seal is awarded exclusively by the Research Grant Certification Centre. As such, the seal is proof that the research bonus has been claimed and underscores the company’s commitment to research and development.

We are proud of this award and see it as another milestone on our way to the future of research. It encourages us to continue our efforts and achieve further successes. With the support of the BMBF and the recognition by the BSFZ seal, we are confident that we can continue to successfully pursue our goals. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. Stay innovative and contact us for first-class solutions!

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